Cooking Knives

The History of Kitchen Knives

Knives are a Bronze Age human invention that contributed to our ability to greatly expand our diet and create complex cuisines. The modern Chef knife can be traced back to 17th century France, where a high society culinary scene developed in the upper classes. These days, just about everyone has what, even a few decades ago, would have been considered a gourmet kitchen.So owning your own serious chef knife is a great idea.

  The modern Chef knife can be traced back to 17th century France  

gp48My Real Deal Kitchen Knives

I started making kitchen knives when a buddy of mine asked me for a chef knife because he just wasn’t happy with the high-end prep knives he already owned. The thing was that he was cutting a lot of heavier foods and root veggies, and those other blades were just too thin and light to cut them well without a struggle.

My kitchen knives are now built with this as their main distinction – they are heavier and contain a wider blade than your typical Japanese (or even French) style knife, and will usually not function well as a sushi knife. If you are doing some serious food chopping, and real grub prep, then you are going to love the way these beasts go to work.

I have honestly had people tell me that my kitchen knives are their new favorite kitchen tool because they do the work for you. That makes me happy as my customers’ satisfaction is always my top priority.

My Santoku Kitchen Knife

The santoku is a Japanese-hybrid prep knife that has been slowly gaining a dedicated following because it is just so versatile. For slicing, dicing, and mincing, which is what its name actually means, the Santoku is unbeatable.

My Custom Kitchen Knives

Because different people have such diverse needs in the kitchen nowadays, custom kitchen knives are the hottest thing on the planet. Talk to me about your ideas for your ideal culinary blade. I’ll bet we can bang out the chef knife of your dreams in short order.