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About SH9 Edge Works

I make high end, extremely durable cutting tools. I tend towards overbuilt with an emphasis on function. Form, to me is a secondary characteristic of a quality cutting tool. Though I am capable of fit and finish worthy of any showcase, the majority of my blades are shipped with what I refer to as a “functionally attractive finish.” My goal in this case is to provide an attractive tool that you WANT to use as opposed to just look at and admire. I know many people who have spent large sums of their hard-earned money on blades that are “too pretty” to put to use and end up buying cheap knives to trust their lives on. To me that is foolish spending at best, and horribly dangerous at worst. Everything I make is meant to be used and built well enough to withstand most any abuse you can dish out. You can trust your life and livelihood on anything you purchase from SH9 Edge Works.

I am a one man show. Not necessarily because I don’t play well with others. Primarily, it’s because I take great pride in being the single point of success/failure in this endeavor. Quality control is extremely important to me. I want you to be able to trust your life and well-being on my tools. With that in mind, if my hands are the only ones to have contact with your blade from start to shipping, I feel I’ve done all I can to ensure your trust in your purchase from me.

The majority of my blades are made from simple high carbon steels such as 1095 and 52100. The reason for this is simple and two-fold: First, these steels, properly ground and heat treated, produce a blade that is extremely durable, reaches a very keen edge that is relatively easy to reproduce in the field and reduces production cost, which means a better blade for your buck. Second, if you care for a knife the same way you do a firearm, stainless steel isn’t necessary. That said, I do also work with high end stainless. I really like the results I get from AEB-L, and of course the high carbon stainless produced by Crucible Industry like s35vn. I regularly do batch runs with these steels and will happily cut your custom from them as well if you want that option. Metallurgy has come a long way in the last 150 years, so don’t limit yourself with the latest industry buzz when looking for a quality blade. Most modern steels will perform admirably when properly design and executed.

Stock removal is my primary means of manufacture. I am extremely interested in the forging process and will be working on that aspect of knife making. Unless specified, stock removal was the method used to produce tools on my site.

My adult work background is as a Navy SEAL. I served for 16+ years, both East and West coast. My years as a SEAL reinforced my belief that a quality blade should be carried all day everyday, both for utility and security. I’ve carried a knife everyday of my life from the age of 6. Rarely has a day passed when my knife was not needed.

Have a look around my site. I’m certain you can find something that meets your needs. If not, use my designs or your own imagination to develop your ideal edged tool, contact me and let me bring it to life for you.

Thank you for supporting SH9 Edge Works.