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EDC (Every Day Carry) Series

The root idea behind EDC (Every Day Carry), is, you guessed it, to carry the blade every day. Everyone has an EDC mindset already built in to your daily routine. You go through this routine every morning when prepping for work or school, at night when heading home, and every time you prep for a date, trip to the store, lunch, or outdoor adventure.

My approach to supporting this basic human mentality is to provide several blade styles with multiple handle options and multiple carry options in order to make the decision easy and seamless for your daily excursions.

Whether you’re a “one knife fits all” mentality or a “every trip needs it’s own blade” mentality, SH9 Edge Works has you covered. Choose from one of my production models, create your own by modifying one of mine or let me make your design from scratch.

Have a look at my designs, each blade style offers something different in either style or function. I have production units that are relatively simple and very functional. I’m happy to customize anything I make to your specifications, including steel selection, dimensions, handle material, sheath material and carry options.

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Kitchen Knives

I’ve made several styles of kitchen knife over the years and will readily remake any of those for you. The style I prefer is the Santoku.

The SH9 Edge Works Santoku kitchen knife is a heavy bladed nod to this unique Japanese style blade. I use 3/16” steel stock and flat grind this nearly 3” wide blade to a razor finish that will obliterate anything your kitchen can throw its way. My production model offers a 7 1/2” blade but as with most of my products I’m happy to customize to your needs.

I also offer a carving set that includes a 10” carving knife and a custom built fork. Each fork is welded together from material drop from my knife production and fully heat treated and tempered to compliment the durability of the knife. No two are the same.

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Large Blades: Hunting/Pack Tools


The Kuhkri is a Nepalese blade and is known around the world as an effective tool and weapon. My version is modeled off of several different versions blending the best designs into a fully functional outdoor tool/weapon


The Tracker blade was made famous by Tom Brown and was featured in the movie “The Hunted”. Like many “survival” blades it features a blade heavy balance point and will swing similar to a good hatchet.

My version has a longer handle to exaggerate this property. This blade has a point aligned with the centerline of the handle, a heavy radius main edge for skinning/field dressing game, a hook transition for a pull cut and a flat “draw” knife section closest to the handle


The hunting knife comes in many common blade designs. SH9 Edge Works offers a Spear Point design with a good “belly” for skinning/field dressing, and a blade that is long enough for all of your outdoor pursuits. As with most of my designs, I will adjust the blade/spine profile and length to your specifications if my production design doesn’t suit your needs.

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Trikos Hatchet

This is a “fighting hawk” design with a sharpened beard for a pull cut and a three sided spike that will readily penetrate most anything you can put in its path. This hatchet was co-designed with my best friend and Teammate for his business. All units are engraved with his company shield and a portion of sales are donated to his Nonprofit The Warrior Dog Foundation. Periodically I offer custom versions of the Trikos Hatchet. Those versions are co-designed as well and are the only custom offerings on this hatchet.

SH9 Edge Works Survival Hatchet

This is my own design and was inspired by the hollow handled survival knife industry. It’s styling is based off of the fighting hawk. I’ve combined the best of fighting hawk and camp hatchet ideals into one tool that will serve any purpose in the outdoors.

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Special Projects

This page is a catch all for anything I make here at SH9 Edge Works that doesn’t fit any other category.

Here you’ll find one-of-a-kind customs that I may be interested in repeating.

Also included here are designs from other customers that they’ve asked me not to repeat. These are included to show possibilities and stimulate ideas.

And finally you’ll find specific blades that I’m making that I produce as is, with no options for customization aside from engraving.

Combat Fighter

Mini Combat Fighter

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Custom Projects

Need text for special projects.